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Welcome to New England Disabled Sports and thank you for your interest in being a Coach!

Sharing our passion for sports with people who might otherwise be excluded can be one of the most gratifying and rewarding experiences in which we can participate. This participation however, comes with great responsibility. As a volunteer with New England Disabled Sports it is imperative that you are protected, as well as our student athletes, fellow coaches, the general public, our partners, and our mission.

As with most organizations, New England Disabled Sports (NEDS) has policies, procedures, guidelines, and best practices that the organization requires its members to follow in order to protect our volunteers, students and their families. Following these procedures and guidelines will allow New England Disabled Sports to continue to serve our mission now and in perpetuity. In order to be a NEDS volunteer, the organization has documented specific requirements to which all volunteers must adhere in order to have consistency and safety in how we serve our mission.

These requirements will include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Understand and sign an acknowledgement of Risk and Liability
  2. Obtain, read and understand the Volunteer Handbook and Curriculum Guide for the sport(s) you in which you choose to participate and help facilitate
  3. All volunteers will be subject to a background check
  4. All volunteers must meet all applicable training requirements as specified by the Sports Programming staff
  5. All volunteers must meet essential eligibility requirements for participation inclusive of a skills assessment
  6. In good faith, follow all policies, procedures, guidelines and best practices as outlined in the Volunteer Handbook, or communicated through trainings, meetings, communications from staff and/or any other documents distributed through the organization
  7. Be subject to, and participate in review processes for yourself and your peers, our students, our clinics and our operations
  8. Strictly adhere to the NEDS alcohol, drug, tobacco, and intoxicating substance policies
  9. Adhere to mountain specific policies, procedures, guidelines or best practices, as published by mountain management
  10. Contribute a "good-faith" effort to fundraising efforts on behalf of the organization
  11. Present yourself, NEDS, and the Disabled Sports community in a genuine and positive light (BE HAPPY!)
I understand and agree to the policy that New England Disabled Sports requires winter coaches meet a commitment of 20 full (AM and PM) volunteer days, inclusive of 5 training days for new inductees. I also understand that there is an annual coaching membership fee of $25.00. I have read and I agree to comply with the organization's policies.

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